Zero Sympathy for the Devil

I crawled into the car business like a slug in 2004. I was twenty- four years old, addicted to drugs, and not affording my lifestyle. Big deal…

To be brief, one day I happened upon a pay stub of a friend of mine who worked at a local dealership; as one would find while they rifle through their friends belongings looking for anything of value.


Or as I saw it at the time, a LOT of drugs. That same friend of mine went on to tell me that this was for one week of work in which he sold six cars.

That was the first time in my life I wanted to sell cars.

You see, the way my abused brain understood this was, even if I was half as good as my friend at selling cars, then that would pay just over $2000.00. I was, of course,  WAY off. This was not at all how it worked in actual reality; but I did end up making more money than I ever deserved to make for what I was doing that’s for sure.

Anyway, my friend said it was easy and I believed him and that was that.

…oh, and my friend also did drugs.

That is what would start my 10+ year cars sales career. I was a Salesperson, I was a Sales Manager, I was a Finance Manager, and I was a General Sales Manager. I was not the best salesman. No, not by a long shot. I did however graduate High School. This would give me a huge leg- up !!

Those car business years cost me friends, family, and myself. It not that long ago almost cost me my wife and kids.  I was lost.

                                             NO SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL

I intend to use my background to make the car buying process crystal clear for those who don’t understand it. I want to assist those that already do. I will tell you everything it took to take from strangers day in and day out.

I do this to maybe start trying to replace bad karma with good. Not to justify my behavior in the last decade plus. I was professional garbage. Worst still, I was actually proud of it. No doubt I will atone forever.

This may not be good enough but it’s the best thing I feel I can do.

Dealerships will not like the things I tell you here.  I’m okay with that.