Used Car Buyers Theory 101

 Old white chops has obviously read the Used Car Confidential

Used  Cars

Certified Used Cars

Vehicle History



      My.     God.

The used car, as folks have long suspected, is the bread and butter. The Jim- Jam. The Money Maker. The Reason for Treason.

I’ll stop now…

Surely, buying a used car is the riskiest purchase to be had at any dealership. The many variables and mutating aspects involved would make anyone question the existence of God. Especially how the Sales people seem to want a final; and legally binding in some cases; decision in a few hours, or less,  and without customers thinking too- too  much.

The good news : It’s possible to understand buying a Used Car thoroughly.

The bad news: It may take longer than a few hours.

This is the section that boils it down to it’s oily, shit smelling essence and makes it easier for the customer.

Imagine that?!?!                                            -Steve