Don’t Depend on the Dealerships

High pressured stupidity is real

Don’t take it the wrong way but, C.G.C is here to tell you once and for all:

Most car dealerships ARE NOT conducting their business with the customers best interests in mind.

I know, its seems crazy but I assure you it’s true.

No matter what you may think or even feel during interactions you’ll have with a car dealer, all of them are operating to make money just like any other business.   And that’s not a problem.

Some dealerships go about making their money using fair and clear methodologies, but I’ve never worked for one. Nor have I ever met  a sales person that worked for one.  I’ve heard of them though….now that’s a problem.

Hell, I’ve even been told I was working at an honest store by an owner or two. They told me this to my face while looking me square in the eye. They were even proud that their dealership was “above board”.

Those owners, like the many owners I’d meet in my tenure, were full of nutty brown bullshit.  I would go as far as to say that in my experience, if you want to find the biggest turd in a car dealership, you must first find the biggest office.

The owner sets the tone of a dealership you see, and that tone usually sounds something like this:

“Fuck you. Meet my consistently unrealistic sales goals by ANY MEANS NECESSARY or fuck you, your fired’. Did I mention fuck you? Okay, I did. Good”.

So please, get your information from ANYONE other than the dealership when it comes to your budget. Please.

Car specifications, vehicle comparisons or feature explanations are one thing. Sales people can be great sources of real world vehicle knowledge, but they are not your financial advisor.

   Don’t give the dealer the opportunity to tell you whatever you want to hear, because they will.  

This is why Car Guy Confidential exists.

Here you will find the information necessary to make an educated decision about purchasing a vehicle. New or Used. Good credit or bad.  It will be detailed and hopefully entertaining.

Buying a car and having bad credit whilst avoiding a booty pounding CAN BE DONE.

I promise.

It’s only a matter of information gathering, which now you won’t have to do.

I’m gonna give it ALL up baby. You just hush up and look purrty.

Your true adversaries when car buying are:

                                    Negotiation and Carnie Sales Tactics

All that misdirection, deception and car- guy skulduggery that needs to be exposed and removed in order to move forward and change the way cars are sold. That is the problem I now have. I HATE problems.

My mission is to level the playing field. To give every customer a fair shot at getting the deal they want while exposing malarkey and shenanigans wherever they exist in the ‘sales process’ that I’ve come to understand very deeply in my time on the line being a piece of human garbage.

Any and all questions are welcome anytime.

Don’t make a decision without the facts.



PS:  Feel free to contact me below if you work at one of those ‘reputable dealerships’.

My intent is not to make the great job a good dealer does any more difficult than it already is.

I like to know when dealers are righteous. Or when any business does right.

Consumers need to know you’re out there as well.