Car Sales, Hypnotism, Both?


Car sales is a war zone you say?

Are you aware of the conflict taking place between dealerships and their customers?

Well its a big deal folks.

And apparently, this conflict started in the early 1990s by the looks of this authentic wartime poster:

Why is a game show host dressed like General Patton?

That’s James A Ziegler, Jim to his associates, and ALPHA DAWG to everyone else. Yes. Alpha Dawg.

This is his advertisement for the consulting firm he runs with his wife and an IT person.

Mr. Ziegler is a living legend in the automobile sales game.

He’s the man who is usually hired by failing and or under performing car dealerships to come down from up on high and teach the dealership how to dealership.

He’s hired to motivate salespeople, managers, and absentee dealership owners. Specifically automotive sales people. He has these proven systems he’s constructed all guided by principles he learned selling cars in the 1980s when, according to Alpha Dawg, he “set world records in sales”.

He then moved into management and the rest I can’t remember. Who really cares.

Looking like a drug dealing Vice Principal.

The point is Mr. Ziegler was really good at selling cars in the 1980s. So good at selling cars in fact, he took his wisdom and put that shit in a bottle. He takes that bottle to bad dealerships, puts a nipple on it, and lets them sip, sip, sip it.

He is a profitability powerhouse proposing a proven sales process to produce profitability and maximize potential…. (I just made that up)

But all those P words make it kind of a sing- song rhyme and forces you to remember it, am I right?

Ziegler is a  self- described Nostradamus- like see- er of things to come in this business we call Car.

I know what your thinking. Big deal. This guy isn’t so Alpha.

Then just go and watch the man in action. Let that old boy just put the story on you real good. It’s an event for sure.

Also, James A Ziegler:

  1. Wears hats that say Da’ Man or Alpha Dawg on them.
  2. Drives a bright red Corvette and wears a stupid thicc gold chain.
  3. Diamond Studded Sausage Fingers.


Seriously though, a person like that simply can’t exist, right?



Exhibit A, B, C, and D.
Welcome to the car business.


Seriously, go to YouTube and ponder your maximum productivity while a man draped in diamonds and wearing a baseball cap with an insult on it tells you how awesome you could be, but your just not “going after it” hard enough; and try not to kill yourself.

Selling Cars in the 1980s

Jim’s wealth of knowledge is drawn upon from life, love, loss, and selling cars in the 1980s.

Now, according to all known car lot- lore, the eighties and most of the nineties were some type of Renaissance period for piece of shit car people.

It’s when all the things dealers and salespeople go to prison for in this day and age were invented.

It was a period that made car people the dirty scum of the earth we are today if you listened to the Old- Dogs talking their shit out on the lot.

Stories of fraud, lies, misdirection, bait and switch, all while The Culture Club played in the background.


Is this book the memoir of a second- rate magician? Nope, just The Alpha Dawg opening bank vaults with his mind again.

Mr. Ziegler, say it ain’t so…

I’m telling you about Mr. Ziegler to illustrate a point about bad car sales that people need to understand. When it seems to good to be true it ALWAYS is…

I can’t see the tits, but I have a bad feeling I know this guy…

A supper- club hypnotist from the 1970s has been dazzling some dealerships about how to sell cars to people for 30+ years. You cannot make this up.

Many professional sales speakers make a very convincing plea, but they rarely take questions.

I know this rant doesn’t give any advice on beating the dealer, but it does demonstrate a world you may very well enter when you go car shopping.

The dealers that won’t give you a price up front.

The dealers that won’t make you an offer to purchase over the phone.

The dealers that often misdirect people and make buying a car the most bizarre purchase of their life.

The dealers that don’t give you time to think until your driving away with your new car…

They may have had their profitability maximized by Mr. James A Ziegler.

get out of there if your salesperson starts swinging a pocket watch in front your face is what I’m saying…

Hypnotist, Corvette Enthusiast, and the best damn speaker period.

Mr. Ziegler, you had a great show tonight.

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